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Dan Love

This photograph of my brother is one of my favorites. I aimed to capture his authority, class, and depth in this image, and I believe it conveys that and more. My brother is an amazing older sibling, and I feel so fortunate and proud to have him in my life. This picture reflects the qualities that I have always admired in him, and that's what truly matters.


Whenever I get the opportunity to capture moments like this one in a photograph, I know that it's going to be special. Onyiaka is a talented artist who is based out of Los Angeles, and I highly recommend seeing her live performances. She always brings a very welcoming and fun energy, even outside of performances. This would be the first of many times that I would have the honor of capturing her performance on stage.

Dj Benjamin Walker @ FLVR LA

DJ Benjamin Walker knows how to create a lively and positive atmosphere with his music. I highly recommend him for any event. I think this photo of the man behind the music shows the positive energy he brings to his profession.

Self Portrait

I think there's a rule that says if you haven't taken a dramatic self-portrait, you can't call yourself a photographer.

Miss Brittany Nacole

"This photograph is one of my all-time favorites. At the time, I didn't know that the woman in the photo, who wasn't too sure about the lighting and modeling, would not only pose effortlessly but also turn out to be a very talented musician based in Chicago. Moreover, she is a good soul and a great friend."


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